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Give your employees and customers quick access to the energy and nutrition they need to power through their workday, workout or errands!

Quik-Pik Vending delivers outstanding partner benefits:

  • BUILDING AND BUSINESS OWNERS: Our high quality, tech-enabled vending machines provide extra convenience to tenants and customers at no cost to you.
  • EMPLOYERS: Save employees time by providing fast access to their favorite beverages and snacks. Quik-Pik Vending delivers customized product offerings, guaranteed freshness, and responsive service that’s quick, friendly, local, reliable and trustworthy.
  • GYMS & FITNESS CENTERS: Help members achieve fitness goals with energy drinks and snacks to power through workouts and replenish post-workout. Vending machines are sized specifically for your location and desired products.

We install, fill and service your vending machine for FREE!

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Back Story

It all began with an inspiring student.
The creation of Quik-Pik Vending was inspired by Caden, a young man whose daily life is significantly impacted by autism, and the entrepreneurial drive of the Direct Service Professionals (DSPs) who help Caden live his best life.

Why vending is a great fit for Caden.
The symptoms of autism can vary significantly from day to day, so many individuals with autism need a flexible schedule.

But like most of us, autistic individuals have a strong desire to perform meaningful work, interact with community members, be part of a team, and be of service to others.

Caden likes having vending products in their proper places, he enjoys cleaning, gets great satisfaction from completing tasks properly, and he loves snacks.

You can be part of the Quik-Pik Vending magic!
By choosing Quik-Pik as your vending partner, you’re creating meaningful work opportunities for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities.

We appreciate the opportunity to provide vending machines with beverages and snacks to help your employees and business’s visitors power through their day.

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